Our Story

It all started with an order of k-beauty all the way from Korea that took far too long to arrive…

Ohbee is the project of 2 students! 1 with a passion for skincare and the other equipped with the behind the scenes skills. (Oh! And you can count Luna the cat as part of the team as well! She takes care of the cuddle duties.)

K-beauty is some of the best in the world! We brought it all the way from Korea to help anyone with their skin problems. The time of skin mysteries and freestyle skincare routines is over.
We have something for all skin types and skin routines, no one gets left out.

We believe that taking care of your skin is far more helpful than trying to cover it up and feeling shameful about it.

Our Promises

Amazing Products

 Everyone has their skincare journey and we want to make sure you get access to the best of the best!

Great Customer Service

We’re very glad to help you with any issue, order, suggestion!
Happy K-Beauties is our number 1 goal!

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