Finding the perfect skincare routine that works for your skin can be quite an experience. Fortunately, anyone can find K-beauty product for any problem. You’ve probably heard of a full 10 step routine. But here we want to start with the 5 most important steps for radiant skin! 

Step 1: Double Cleanse
Number one is the famous double cleanse! After a long day of ruling the world, you’ll have to take off all the makeup. According to experts in the skincare world, simple micellar water or makeup wipes don’t cut it. They don’t get off all the makeup, pollution, dirt or oil… The idea behind the double cleanse is to first go in with a cleansing balm or cleansing oil and to follow this up with a cleanser. No need for any makeup wipes or cotton pads! 

Step 2: Toner
Toners are what help the next products in your routine penetrate better into your skin. It does this by wetting the skin because wet skin absorbs better than dry. But it also restores the pH balance of your skin. Your skin has a pH balance between 4.5 and 5.5 but this rises almost up to 10 after cleansing, so your toner helps to bring it back to normal!

Step 3: Essence, serums or ampoules
The third step is to use a concentrated product that helps you deal with any of your specific skin concerns. This could be an essence, serum or ampoule. These products will help you get the best results because they treat your skin on a cellular level. In other words, they do most of the heavy lifting of all of your skincare products. That’s also the reason why they may be a little bit pricier than the rest.

Step 4: Moisturize
After you’ve spoiled your skin with some essences the next step is to lock this all in with a moisturizer. There is a moisturizer for every skin type! If you have oily skin you might want to opt for a water-based moisturizer or a gel moisturizer. But if you have dry or combination skin a thicker moisturizer might be better. There’s one for every skin type!


Step 5: Sunscreen
The last (but not least AT ALL) step is to apply sunscreen. This is mostly to protect your skin from UV rays. Whenever you step outside in daylight, it’s important to put on sunscreen. UV rays ages our skin faster and sunscreen will protect your skin if you’ve applied certain active ingredients (vitamin c…) that might harm your skin if exposed to sunlight.

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